Autism Regulations

The regulations that govern autism and disability policy and service delivery are complex and involve multiple state agencies. A key activity of our Public Policy team is providing technical assistance to craft regulations that are in the best interest of our stakeholders and the greater autism community. In addition to advising on the development of regulations, we strive to review and monitor the rules and regulations governing autism services to ensure compliance and enforcement. The summary below outlines some of the key activities and regulatory reforms for which Autism New Jersey advised or supports.

Special Education

State Agency Overseeing:  Department of Education

Autism New Jersey advocates for students with autism across the continuum of educational settings.

  • Public Schools – Creation of a Job Code for Board Certified Behavior Analysts.  Learn more>>
  • Private Schools  – In Spring 2016, Autism New Jersey requested that the state Department of Education (DOE) reconsider policies that are having a detrimental effect on approved private schools’ financial sustainability. We are partnering with ASAH on this effort.  Learn more>>
  • Restraint/Seclusion Law  – P.L.2017, c.291 (signed 1/16/18) charges the Department of Education to draft and promulgate regulations to codify specific requirements to carry out the legislation’s intent. When the DOE’s draft is available for public comment, we will share this with the community.  

Early Intervention 

State Agency Overseeing: Department of Health/Early Intervention System

  • Recognition of BCBA credential for Early Intervention providers.  


State Agency Overseeing:  Department of Banking and Insurance

  • Insurance workgroups to monitor and improve the implementation of the insurance mandate.  Learn more>>

Medicaid Funding for Adult Services

State Agency Overseeing:  Department of Human Services/Division of Development Disabilities

  • Statewide Transition Plan for Community Care Waiver.  Learn more>>
  • Community Care Waiver (CCW) Learn more>>
  • Comprehensive Medicaid Waiver   Learn more>>
    The NJ Comprehensive Medicaid Waiver is now called the FamilyCare Comprehensive Demonstration. It has been approved as of August 1, 2017, through June 30, 2022, and allows continued funding for the following programs:
    • Supports Program  – enrollment ongoing
    • Pilot Program for Dual Diagnosed – program components in draft, not yet available
    • CCW - the CCW now falls under the Comprehensive Demonstration and will be renamed the Community Care Program (CCP). Enrollment and conversion to FFS are ongoing.

Medicaid Funding for Children's Services

State Agency Overseeing: (TBD) Department of Children and Families/Children's System of Care OR Department of Human Service/Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services

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To learn more about the many state agencies involved in autism policy and service implementation, click here.

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